Thanks for sharing. Vocaloid2 was a Big improvement over v.1 (reducing the ‘tweaking’ time required for each verse from months to mere weeks :laughing: and v.3 has been in the works for over a year. I am hoping any day now to order v.3

I would like to hear how others are using these with cubase. @Wizardofice - do you have anything floating around using your miriam?

Here is the list of products and version:

VOCALOID2 products
VOCALOID2 was released as a package of VOCALOID2 singer libraries includes Yamaha’s software.

Zero-G Limited (UK)
“Prima” (Classical soprano singer),“Sonika” (Young girl pop singer),“Tonio” (Mail opera singer)

Power FX AB (Sweden)
“Sweet Ann” (female vocalist),“Big Al” (male vocalist)

Crypton Future Media (Japan)
“HATSUNE MIKU”,“KAGAMINE RIN/LEN”,“MEGURINE LUKA”,“MIKU Append”,“RIN/LEN Append” (character vocalist)

Internet (Japan)
“GACKPOID”,“MEGPOID” (artist vocalist)
“Lily” (VOCALOID artist)

AHS (Japan)
“SF-A2 codename miki” (artist edition)

bplats(vocaloidstore) (Japan)
ki/oon record (Japan)
“codename utatane_piko”

VOCALOID (Version 1) products
VOCALOID (version 1) was released as a package of VOCALOID singer libraries includes Yamaha’s software.

Zero-G Limited (UK)

Crypton Future Media (Japan)

Here are 2 songs that I used Vocaloid in. Buy these wings it is the singer singing the word FLY

in the song titled CIA it is the background vocals.

I also have Prima which is vocaloid 2. I do not use it much as the vocaloid 2 is much harder to get a good sound out of. Less control of the voice.

After listening to that song - I actually had an urge to close all the curtains in my house. I too know they are out there :laughing:

Was the vocaloid layered with a human voice saying “THE C.I.A.” or was that 100% Miriam?

The Oooh and Ahh I could identify, but that part above was harder to identify who was saying it.

Thanks for sharing … I gotta go lock my doors now!

In CIA Miriam was used only for the ahhs and oohs the rest was me.

Yes a little paranoia…what can I do?

A friend showed me a copy of Billboard magazine for Jan 29th 2011

Well… THEY seem to think vocaloids are here to stay as noted by the page 26 article.


I don’t think Vocaloids (English ones, anyway) are currently at their best emulating human singers. However, there’s a bunch of things these synthetics can do that humans can’t. Just the fact that it has the controls of any typical virtual instrument unlocks worlds of possibilities. I’ve been playing with it for about half a year now, and just recently released a Vocaloid-only album that I think utilizes the program decently:

Thanks for sharing your vocaloid works ! I just listened to a few.

A LOT of fine detail has to be put into these and I personally like them very much - however until I obtain a masters degree in Vocaloids I do not think I will be using them publicly…

Sounds like time for a hermit cave with a PC to start on that mastery thou !