Vocals cut out during recording

I have a new computer with an i3 processor. Hard drive only spins at 4500RPM not 7200 - will this cause cubase8 Al to fail to record vocals while recording an acoustic guitar at the same time? Vocal recordings fail to catch the first words of a sentence and then are inconsistent throughout. The guitar records perfectly, I’ve tried two different microphones and cables.

Really getting frustrated with the new UR22 mkII…

Did you find a solution? Please update if you have.
I’ve looked up some fixes for the UR mkii dropping audio, power, etc. for a second randomly. Lots of people have problems with it cutting out. Could be multiple reasons, like a power-sucking graphics card, ethernet drivers, low power to your usb, certain bios settings, on and on. Several people have fixed it by using a better usb cable or by using a separately powered usb hub. Some by disabling bios settings or updating drivers or switching usb ports. My problem is that my light blinks off every so often and all audio and functionality drops for a second. Let me know if you found a fix. I will also update if I find a fix for my problem and how (or if I don’t and then I’ll complain and hope somebody has a solution, but I’m sure I’ll find a fix).

I just needed to change the usb port. It worked better for me on a USB 3.0 port. It worked even better when I powered it with a phone charger instead, so I had an isolated power source. I have a lot of fans and power hungry hardware, so there’s a lot of buzz in the power from my setup. Works, sounds great now! No problems whatsoever.