Vocals help needed .

I am using cubase 5.
Recently I have recorded some vocals with a singer who sings very soft in some parts of the track and very loud in other parts.
What is the best way to level out the vocals to a constant level throughout the track ?
Should I be using the limiter or compression ?
I do not have any other plugins other than those within Cubase 5.

Any advice would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Several ways of dealing with that.

Compression is a good start.

Cutting up the vocal and having two or more tracks, vocal quiet, middle and loud and compressing each, then feed into a group with an over all compressor.

And/or cut vocals and use the event volume handles and/or a combination of the above, also a bit of volume automation could also be handy :confused:

You mean, one should really move the faders during mixing… :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

Fader rides are actualy a very good way to go if you want to keep dynamics and transparency in (lead) vocals :wink:

I take it sarcasm doesn’t come over well on the intersqueb :stuck_out_tongue:

Not when I didn’t had any coffee yet :wink:
When I re-read your post in combination with your username, I should have known better :blush:

Thanks for the info .

You could also try the vocalrider plugin by waves.

Cutting the vocals and using the event volume has been a favorite of mine. Sometimes the vocal volume change is to erratic or often to ride a fader. Volumes could change mid wording which would make it difficult to ride in real time. Riding the fader is better for dynamics and transparency as stated by Niles.

Thanks for the advice guys.
I have used a combination of compression and splitting the tracks and riding the faders and have ended up with a good level.
Thanks again.