Vocals in Cubase Artist 6

Hi there! 1st post here.
Have a problem with the vocals :unamused: . I record the vocals :slight_smile: , hear them when recording :slight_smile: , there is audio recording activity since the reading levels are present while recording :slight_smile: , there is a wave form in the respective track :slight_smile: but :astonished: then I cannot hear it and it’s not reading when I press play :cry: . The track is there cuz if I double click on the file the sample editor opens and when pressing play in the sample editor I hear what I recorded but NOT on the project itself :imp: .
Suggestions would be appreciated. :wink:
Thank you

have you unclicked the monitor button?

Man, now I feel really stupid - lol.
Thanks. You know the way you get so bogged down in more technical issues that you overlook the more obvious?