Vocals - learning with Cubase

Probably one of the things that takes most time (after drums :laughing: ) is getting vocals down on a track. I know that there is probably no more harsher critic than a singer judging there own vocal recording. I think that’s where collaboration really pays.

I am full of admiration for anyone that actually wants to sing, it’s kind of like baring your soul.

I’m wanting to do more takes. Not just ‘better’ but I’m able to listen, reconsider & ‘craft’ out a vocal…

Yeah, that’s pretty much the process I go through with new stuff. The early takes are really just ‘sketches’. The other thing that I’ve found that helps a lot with shaping and crafting a vocal is singing live! :astonished: Oh, and a third thing that can really help a vocal come to life is alcohol! :laughing:

This is true with any instrument. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to think, “I’ll do it xxx way on the next pass”. In fact you don’t even truly think about it, you just reach in the lick bag for another flavor. The more vox you do, the more you’ll add to your lick bag.

I think lick bag is my new favorite saying. :smiling_imp:

I think this must be one of the most serious comments I have ever read from you. You MUST be a closet singer! :mrgreen:

And the closet is where it will stay :laughing:

Clarity in the mind’s eye is absolute. :wink:

Wrist lock, fist pump!

Well, THAT’S bloody inconvenient! :laughing:
Beers, bars and gigs kinda go hand in hand… :sunglasses: Mind you, singing in that live context nobody would probably notice or care if the singer is sharp anyway :laughing: My main point about singing live though, in whatever context is it does help build confidence and contribute to feeling less conspicuous about: