Vocals record in mono...but stereo in other apps?

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I can record stereo vocals in Garage Band and BeatMaker 3 on my I pad pro, with my Zoom U 24 audio interface, using one input.
How come only mono recording in Cubasis?
I have tried all input options in Cubasis.
The Zoom is a mono device, but I can record stereo in other apps mentioned.

Unless you have a stereo microphone going into a stereo (unbalanced) input, you’re getting a mono recording. Most mics are mono, so you get a mono track from that. If you duplicate the mono track, panning one copy left and the other right, it’s still mono. Of course, you could do something different with the copy, such as compressing it more aggressively, then it wouldn’t be technically mono any more.

The OP is saying he is able to record stereo vocals in other apps using the same hardware but not able to in Cubasis.

Hi Karmastein,

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From what I’ve read the Zoom U-24 comes with 2 mic/line inputs.

Please have a look at the following Cubasis LE tutorial (at around 1:48 minutes), to learn more how to route audio tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8t48FZSX60

Depending on your setup and the device in use, you should be able to switch the Audio Inputs from Mono to Stereo.

Hope that helps.