vocals recording - tips please

hi guys,

i have a pretty simple studio setup which i use for both recording and just practicing and jamming with mates. So i have a p.a for vocals and elecrtic drum kit - and guitar and bass amps either mic-ed up or into my mixer via line out.

problem is, on the recording the vocals always seem like they are in the background… its kind of hard to explain - but they just dont sound part of the song. levels are fine, but even if I raise the volume on the vocals they still sound… as if I was too far from the mic while singing.

i have put compression - lead vocals preset, a nice reverb and messed about with the eq’s a bit.

could you guys give me some simple tips on how to make them sound better, or refer me to a good tutorial if you know of any please?

oh i use a normal mic, which sounds fine playing live - but, should i invest in a recording mic? is it a compressor mic? but if it can be made to sound better without spending any more money tat would be better!!


Hey, you need to be a little more specific on how you are recording. Are you recording the vocals “live” as in the same time the band is playing? Im a little confused with the set up. Do you a a vocal preamp?? or when you say P.A. are you reffering to a P.a mixer?

Also, what brand/model mic are you using? When recording audio, you have to be mindful of you mic’s polar pattern. If it is omnidirectional, the mic will record source audio equally well at any angle. Many mics are only unidirectional though. This means they will reject certain frequencies at certain angles. If you record your vocals off-axis on a unidirectional mic, the signal will sound muffled and in the background.

Regarding mic types, the two main ones are dynamic (best used for live situations) and condenser (better fit for studio/acoustic applications). You probably don’t have to worry too much about it at this point though. A decent dynamic mic will record audio just fine.