Vocals through UAD Apollo and Cubase 8.5

Does anybody know about recording vocals through a UAD Apollo?

Generally how does it work when recording? Does it record your virtual pre-amp on the way in, or can you configure it to just audition so that it is non-destructive?

Is it possible in Cubase 8.5 to record the UAD on two channels, so that you could record a clean copy, a copy with pre-amp applied and a copy with pre-amp and compression, whilst auditioning reverb - nondestructive reverb that you can apply later?

I am considering getting one with a new build and wondering about the Thunderbolt issue. I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 yet, which seems to be a must if you want MKii, so I wonder about the speed of the USB versions, MKi and whether that might cause delays with the slow bandwidth of USB 2? I am hitting my limits at the moment on a 15-year-old M-Audio Delta 66 as a reference. PCI seems to run about half or similar to USB 2 from general consensus.

I also worry about upgrading to Windows 10 and any software limitations that aren’t supported. How stable is Windows 10 and Cubase? I would rather keep everything on Windows 7 which is pretty stable, but Thunderbolt speed would make everything futureproof.