Vocals tracks in folder say 'no panner' when I try to pan them. How to take tracks out of folder?

I’ve been recording a song in Cubase 11 (Elements) and I’m now in the mixdown stage. I have 13 backing vocal tracks for the chorus. I put them in a folder track and a group channel to make life easier. I noticed before I did this, I had the option to pan each vocal track (in the Inspector), however I see that it now says ‘no panner’ where the panning function used to be. I got rid of the group track but the problem is still there. Is it because the backing vocal tracks are in a folder track? How do I take them out of the folder track ?(I just cannot figure that out, sorry).

Your group could be mono… there is no panning possible
and after you removed the group the channels are not routed… I guess

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Thanks for the reply. You mention that the group could be mono. How do I make a group stereo? I do not see an option to make a stereo group - all I see is the option ‘Group Channel To Selected Channels’, which has no mention of whether it’s mono or stereo.

I also don’t understand why if I take the group channel away that all of a sudden the panner option disappears when it was there for each track before. It is all quite complicated and frustrating sometimes!