Vocoder plugin

I have heard that somehow vari audio can work as a vocoder. I haven’t tried that yet. But can someone recommend a really good vocoder plugin for cubase? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Waves OVox

OVox Vocal ReSynthesis – Vocal Synth, FX & Vocoder Plugin | Waves?

Izoptope VocalSynth

I don’t think you will get far with Vari-Audio emulating the traditional vocoder sounds. I’m always welcome to be proved wrong.

I have always been partial to Reaktors Razor. It has a unique sound that seems to fit when I need one. If you don’t have Reaktor, you would need to see if Razor works in Reaktor Player.

Arturia has a pretty nice general one that definitely covers the traditional vocoder sounds plus a lot more. It can work the way a traditional vocoder works.

I never liked Orange Vocoder.

I tried the demo of OVox. If you desire EDM or a different sounding vocoder, that might be a source. I personally did not care for it. It’s quite flexible, and all the choices might be the drawback for myself.

TAL Vocoder is free and I’ve used it happily on more than a few occasions for straightforward vintage style effects.

Yep, I guess the TAL vocoder is a good starting point as it is free.
Look on YouTube for some tutorial how to set it up in Cubase.

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