Voice 3 to voice 2 ...?


I accidentally create a third voices in the middle of a piece and I realised this after many measures that rest have been created from the beginning thru the whole score.

is there a way to swap that «voice three» in a «voice two» ?
…and expect those rests will remove by them self ?


You can’t swap voices in the first release of Dorico.

You can hide the rests. Open the control panel (Ctrl-8), select the first note of Voice three, and switch on “Starts voice”. If want to hide rests between two sets of notes in a voice, select “Ends voice” on the note before the rests, and “Starts voice” on the note where the voice restarts.

In the View menu, selecting Note colors > Voice Colors might be useful.


I found this a few minutes ago…
…and fix all !

And yes, colors are helpful !

Sincerely thanks