Voice and staff problems

I’m cleaning up an xml file (thanks to view > voice colours), but after looking through the help and forum, I can’t figure out how to fix this.

I’m just figuring out how voice features work… It looks like there are 2 voices, so I don’t know why there are no rests in some bars in the treble (and how to add them), and why I can’t seem to move the blue notes in the upper voice from the bass to the treble staff.
It’s like Dorico recognizes there are 2 voices, but not 2 staves. :thinking:
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Notes on each staff of one instrument count as different voices, thus the 2 colors. I’m assuming the blue notes appearing on the bottom staff are cross-staffed; you can move them back with Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff.

Note that these are both up-stem voices, and notes crossed from another staff don’t affect stem directions. So you will want to flip some stems manually to show which hand is which. For example, in bars 35–37, flip the LH stems down.

I’m guessing you can select the last note in RH before bar 30 (before the start of this image) and un-check “Ends voice” to restore the RH bar rest(s). Similar with other empty RH bars in this image – Where RH is not actually playing anything there should be a rest. Conversely, cross-staff notes such as Bar 36 don’t show rests where the notes came from, and this is proper.

Amazing! Thank you @Mark_Johnson!

Rather than guess where Ends Voice has been set (and subsequent rests are hidden), you can do a select all, then right-click>filter>notes and chords, then turn off the ends voice switch in the lower panel.

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