Voice Caret

Is there a way for the carat to auto-progress in a second (etc.) voice? At the moment I have to keep arrowing. This is nuts when the rhythms are not the same and really silly when different tuplets are involved.

I’m afraid I do not understand the thing with arrowing… The caret — could you correct the title so that people looking for answers could find you thread — progresses exactly the same way, whatever the voice you are writing. The only case when you have to use the arrows is when there are rests (it is the best way to input them), or if you are in chord mode (q), in which case, pressing the Space key will make the caret go forward to next note.
Hope it helps.

Thanks. I was using a second voice but was also in chord mode.
I do really appreciate the help. I’ve set aside a couple of weeks to do all of my copying work twice - in Dorico, then for real in Finale. It’s the only way I can get up to speed.

I do not know how familiar you are already with Dorico.
If you are not too familiar, I can give you this advice : working with voices, you could earn a lot of time using colors on the voices. We have lost a lot of time with inputing on wrong voices or not understanding how to get rid of rests… Until Dorico makes it easy to copy or change from a voice to another, using voices is a very delicate tool :wink:

About a week with Dorico. But decades of copying and beta testing with Sibelius (on Acorn), Graphire, Igor and Finale.
I’m trying to get as far as possible with actual work in Dorico, then doing it all again in Finale for real…

You must be a hell of an engraver ! I’m just an amateur, but happy to help if I can :wink:

Definitely I’m a hell of a slow engraver on Dorico at the moment! The help is really appreciated.

I’m pretty certain that in a year or so Dorico will be the best game in town. I feel at the moment like a pro horn player who has been given a violin…

That sums it up for me at the moment, as well. Great simile, by the way!