Voice Colors

I’m pretty new to Dorico, and am working with multiple voices for the first time. I made the mistake of using SHIFT-V every time I needed a second voice and creating a bunch of voices instead of just going back to the second (stems down) voice. I’ve copied and pasted everything from the third and fourth voices back into the first stems down voice, but the other voices still show up as I toggle through using V. Is there a way to remove the empty voices?

Also, on every staff that has two voices, the stems down voice is red except one, where it’s green. I can’t figure out why that one staff is different.

TIA for any help!


You should find that after you have saved, closed and reopened the projects, any truly empty voices will be removed.

That appears to have done it. Thanks!

It also appears to have resolved the voice color issue (the green notes). Any idea why that was happening? Maybe a bug?

It’s not a bug. There’s a standard order of colours, but it doesn’t match voice numbers; rather it matches the order that voices were created on each instrument.

I think there are plenty of us who have accidentally created a ton of voices with shift-V, you are not the only one!