Voice column index option also in Write mode

Hello Steinberg team,

I would like to request if it’s possible that the engrave-mode option “Voice Column index” would also be made an option in write mode. Occasionally during inputting notes in write mode, there’s a need to change the voice column for notes. It feels unnecessary to have to switch to engrave mode for just this option (and in larger files, it’s unnecessary stress just to switch modes because of the lag and ensuing time waste this causes).

The changes made with the voice column option are always immediately visible in write mode as well, so it would make sense for me that the option be available there as well. Thanks for considering it!


I agree. This is part of the things that bother me when I have to leave write mode only for that and don’t want to leave it for later in case I forget… I just had to do this twice in the last half an hour. If in piano writing, the left hand is written on the top staff (using n), I cannot use the context menu Voice>Swap Voice Order and have to resort to Engrave mode’s Properties… I don’t think it’s a galley view thing, but really a Write/Engrave mode thing. Or make sure that Swap Voice Order works even with two upstem voices 1.


Thanks Marc. Yeah, I meant Write mode altogether, not just galley view. I’ve edited the first post for clarity.

I find that I’m able to use the Swap Voice Order command satisfactorily even with two notes in an up-stem voice with one crossed to another staff, Marc.

I’m curious to know under which circumstances you find yourself needing to use the explicit Voice column index property in Write mode, rather than swapping the order of two voices?

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This might have been caused by the note on the g staff being tied (half tied to an eighth) and that eighth coincides with a note from the left hand… Selecting both notes and trying to change voices order doesn’t work, probably because one of the voices starts before. So I suppose my input was not spot on, and apologize for it. Could Dorico be “smarter” and deal with this kind of situation where it’s when notes collide that we need to swap order? Of course, asking the question, I realize that it could happen on different places of a tie chain, and how could Dorico even know the right spot (although it could : that’s where the other voice is selected, unless of course it’s also a tie chain and there are different spots that could be involved… Ahem, yes, Engrave mode is good).
Anyway, I am glad swap voice order works on easier situations.

I run into this problem working with cross-staff keyboard music. If I have a chance I’ll try and document it more specifically with photos.

For what it’s worth, the stem direction AI could be smarter in these situations as well. I end up with 3 voices on a staff, one cross-staffed from the lower staff, and the stem directions switch in unhelpful ways. Easy enough to “press F to pay respects”, but if it were smarter so much the better.

I was also going to say keyboard music. (And not just cross staff.) Dealing with 4 or 5 lines of counterpoint in an organ part, for instance, sometimes warrants it.

…and you need to make these changes to voice order as you’re inputting the music in Write mode…?