Voice column spacing offset doesn’t turn square handle’s color from blue to red in Note Spacing

In this situation, Down-stem voice’s Voice column spacing offset in the Properties Panel doesn’t turn all square handle’s color from blue to red in Note Spacing Mode. I think all square handles of Down-stem voice should become red. Is it a bug?

I’m running Dorico Pro 3.5.12, Mac.

No, it’s not a bug: you misunderstand how the note spacing tool works. Each rhythmic position has a square handle, but each of those down-stem voices is at the same rhythmic position as the up-stem voice, so adjusting the position of the down-stem voice without also moving the up-stem voice doesn’t change the overall rhythmic spacing, and hence doesn’t cause the square handles to be edited.

Thanks for a reply, Daniel.

I understand that the large square handle on the up-stem voice’s rhythmic position should remain blue in this situation.
But why do these two small square handles (2nd beat of 1st measure and 1st beat of 2nd measure, see picture) for down-stem voice become red color? And why other small square handles remain blue? For down-stem voice’s small square handles, red handle and blue handle coexist in this situation. These behaviors are my question.

Something unusual is indeed going on here. I’ve never seen this happen before. Was this project an xml import by chance (or does it contain some imported elements elsewhere in the project)? This has been known to cause issues in the past. Alternatively, are you on a new m1 Mac?

Edit: this doesn’t appear to be an import since I see your in flow 1 of a new untitled project and I don’t see anything else.

No, this is newly created project, and I’m using old Intel Mac.

I suspect that this behavior is due to filtering only one note in the down-stem voice chord (In my first Gif, I filtered only Top Note of chords). If I select all down-stem chord’s notes, this behavior doesn’t occur, and all small square handles in Note Spacing Mode become red.

Right, I see now (I couldn’t see your animated gif yesterday, for some reason; it appeared only as a static image). Perhaps this is a small bug, but it’s not one we’re likely to prioritise for correction.

It may be a bug that is not a high priority for improvement, but I hope that it will be fixed in any future version of Dorico someday.

This behavior also occurs with Voice column spacing offset change at single rhythmic position. In a GIF below, Up-stem voice 2’s small square handle remains blue color despite editing.

Untitled Project 3.dorico (655.9 KB)