voice contents keeps on switching

Not sure what is going on, but the contents between voice 1 and 2 in a staf keeps on switching, even when there is only a single voice. Dorico adds rests in those cases:

That is most likely a problem reading the MusicXML, because I can’t imagine that behaviour with material that has been natively input…

It’s not an imported xml file. I’m entering all the music by playing it on a midi keyboard.

Once there is more than one voice on a staff, it is very important to verify what the little quarter note voice icon is when in caret mode. Sometimes, it can be the wrong voice. Fortunately, errors are now easy to correct with the change voice tool

Yes, I know. I alsways keep a close eye on that when engraving. Even when there is only a single voice, I take care that caret points upwards.