Voice Designer fun

I wanted to drop in the forum just to say how much fun I had today with the new voice designer plugin. This was my first ‘real world’ test using Nuendo in conjunction with PTHDX at work for sound design.

We’re doing a feature length film at work right now, with the main session being run from a PTHDX rig. First, I took the main voices I wanted to play with, exported those tracks as an OMF from PT, and then imported that OMF into Nuendo. Then ran MTC out of PT, and set Nuendo to be the slave. Since we use C24 controllers here I was able to keep Nuendo as the foreground application, and used the transport on the C24 for play, stop, RR, FF, etc.

It all worked like a charm!

Loving N10 :slight_smile: Such a fun playground!!

I’m stoked to use this same method with the new doppler plugin for passbys.

Nuendo syncs very well to pt. Something like 72 samples precision using rtpmidi. Much better than pt to pt without sync hd.
We did this many times at a mixing stage which was running hd10. Rtpmidi + adat from nuendo (rme uc) to digi 192. Bidirectional remote control.
People there were stumbled we could run so many tracks from a laptop.