Voice distancing for whole notes


I’m trying to find a global setting for adjusting the distance between two whole notes which are in different voices. For normal stem notes there is this option in engraving, but it doesn’t affect the whole notes. Is it a bug, or I am missing something? I don’t want to spend time manually adjust the whole score.

Is that a condensed score?


You’re missing something.

How is one to tell that the notes are in different voices if they are not offset?

That’s also my question. They are input like up stem voice and downstem voice. If i have to make them look right, I need to make horizontal manual adjustment. But I was thinking there should be a global setting for that?

There’s no global setting that allows notes to nestle without a voice column offset, which is what you have here. You can do it manually, of course… Ctrl- or Cmd- Click to select a bunch of sections, and set the voice column indexes to 0. Easier than dragging, for sure. Or make different choices regarding which voices.