Voice engrave displacement

Hi! I’m trying to add a 2nd voice to a non-bar score. I did the engrave and if I add another voice, the first one change. ¿Is it any possibility to fix the engrave or something like that? Thanks!

I’m afraid that at least for me, you’re going to need to explain what is wrong more clearly. I can’t decipher what the problem is currently.

… or provide a cut down version of the project with clear steps to reproduce the problem.

I could imagine that introducing a note in a new voice could well have knock-on effects on stem directions elsewhere, especially as this is all essentially one bar.

You could take a look at the per-flow settings for voice and rest handling in Notation Options > Voices and > Rests, but you may also want to make sure you’re using the fewest number of voices as possible/necessary and/or using the Starts voice and Ends voice properties as required. You can check the voice of individual notes by selecting them and checking the status bar.

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I found that after publish the post, I was going to delete it but I saw that you found the answer. I’m going to leave it in case someone has the same problem. Thanks!!!