Voice filters in key commands

From Daniel’s July 2017 blog post:

“With the notable exception of the voice filters (which are dynamic and depend on the voices active in the selection), it’s also possible to define custom key commands for any of the filters in the Edit > Filter submenu,”

I also can’t find a key command for Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Top Notes Or Single Notes

Does this filter suffer from the same no-key-command limitation as voice filters?

If so, does this mean that Dorico will never ever ever have a key command for this filter the way Sibelius does, due to how filters are implemented in Dorico? Or is this a temporary limitation?

p.s. You can hack this on a Mac by using the Shortcuts creator in System Preferences. But it’s not as flexible or desirable as having it baked into Dorico proper.

You’re quite right about these ones, Michael, and I misspoke in the blog post. The issue is that commands that take multiple parameters cannot easily be displayed in the Key Commands editor. We can change the way they work in order to make it possible for them to show up, so I will make a note of this as something to try to change as time allows.

Thanks Daniel. It’s no longer an emergency for me, given the available workaround. But that does leave me wondering why it’s hard for Dorico to assign this key command when Mac OS can do it through a more primitive method.

I can see how key commands would be problematic if more information were required from the context of use in order to make the command work in the first place. But in this case it seems like the “smarts” already exist within the function itself - Dorico looks at a selection, decides if there’s an uppermost note, and if so selects it. There aren’t any other parameters that I as a user need to specify when setting up the key command.

Would it be possible to use the same command to select each note in turn? Pressing Ctrl+[key] the first time would select the top note of a chord, pressing it again the second note and so on. Changing the selection would reset the option to the top note.
Something like Ctrl+Shift+[key] could work the other way, starting with the bottom notes.
Would it also be possible to consider a similar option for voice filters, which would toggle through each active voice in a selection?
Repeatedly pressing the same shortcut keys is usually quicker than accessing menus with a mouse.