Voice leading options in note from chords generator

Hi Hive

I am curious as to anybody’s suggestions to get the best from this feature. For instance here in the first example the chord generation left out the fifth in the last chord. I fixed it for the second and it sounds heaps better, Is there a feature I am not using properly ?



What are the clefs and key sig? Treble, treble, alto, bass, bass? 6 flats in key sig? If so, the last chord you “fixed” is missing the 4th that you explicitly added with the (add 4), so that’s certainly wrong as you’d need that in there somewhere.

I suspect this is a standard string section including DB.

Sorry yes I deleted it. In Fact I think specifying the cello playing the bass note with the double bass has stopped the sus chord being made. The third version has that turned off and is better. I thought as I had asked for 4 notes , but realize now that only works for polyphonic chord selection instruments, pianos, not strings that are treated as 5 monophonic instruments

. It would be good to be able to change that too