Voice MIDI Routing in Dorico 4

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to 4., I opened up my “Reduction Score” template that I use for writing orchestral scores. In this score, for example, on the High Winds staff, I have set it up to variously trigger a violin or viola patch in Note Performer. In my original template, I had two up-stem voices that routed to the same violin channel in case I wanted to try lines with independent violin movement. Now that I’ve updated to 4 it only shows the up and down-stem voices in the routing. I can’t figure out how to add a new voice routing in the Play section even though I’ve created a new up-stem voice in Write mode. I can select it above the piano roll but it doesn’t add anything under the High Strings VST.

At the moment, adding a new voice in Write mode doesn’t automatically cause it to appear in Play mode, which is not ideal (and which we plan to address as soon as we can). You have a couple of options: one would be to turn off independent voice playback and then turn it back on again; another would be to save, close and reopen the project.

Thanks, saving and reopening worked for me. Something you may also want to have on your radar is that when I did a “save as template” for this session all of the extra voices and routing were removed when creating a new session from that template.