Voice Question

Hello To All,

I have an arrangement I am writing for guitar, in which I am arranging a piano part, an electric piano part and a vocal part. I am trying to abide by a proper 3 voice notation here in this example, so I am wondering if there is a way to avoid the collisions shown. I notated the voices in different colors to show the parts.

Or should I just use 2 voices and be done with it?

There’s no obvious way to avoid the collision. I would just use two voices. Three seems like overkill here, and it doesn’t communicate anything essential or perceivable in the score.

Thanks for your input as always, Dan. I was leaning the same way.

Yes, some consolidation would help. Also, there are some durations that are not achievable (unless you use some very unusual tunings): the last measure half-note D won’t sustain, as it is repeated on beat 2; also, in measure 2, the top voice seems to be missing some beats. This is hard, taking two instruments, and fusing them into one, and on one staff, no less! Perhaps something like the attached?

Thank you for your response R Pearl,

I am capoing 3rd fret in this arrangement, hence the overlapping D’s. Good an eye and thanks again for the suggestion.