Voice removal in Spectralayers One

I got Nuendo today thanks to the 40% off sale and did the crossgrade from Cubase Pro 13. While watching Nuendo videos on YT I found one that was showing how to use Spectralayers One to unmix the vocals from the rest of the music, with very good results, so I gave that a try.

My first try was “Type III” from Bear McCreary’s new double album “The Singularity”. I was blown away by the intro, during which Rufus Wainwright’s voice was completely isolated, crystal clear, and even with reverb. When the heavy part starts, that made it less perfect, at times not great, but overall, I was still really impressed that anything could extract the voice from that mess. Good mess, I mean, the song is a masterpiece, but probably one of the loudest songs in history, judging by the waveform:

I didn’t even think for a second any tool could come as close as Spectralayers One came to extract Rufus’ voice from all that… I think it’s called “Nu Metal”? Not generally my cup of tea, but when two of my biggest idols get together, and make a masterpiece like this, I couldn’t care less what genre it is.

So my second try was Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, thinking that being a song considerably less loud than the first one, the results would be far better. Plus, the file is 24 bits and 96 Khz, so it has more information to work with.

But I turned out to be wrong, since the vocal track it produced was a bit of a mess, and identified parts of the synth track as vocals.

So are there any tweaks I can make with the One version, and if not, does the Pro version come with some customization on voice removal? I understand that it also separates certain instruments, and right now I could get the Pro version for $120 doing the crossgrade from iZotope RX 10. But I don’t really have a “must have” use for it, it would be just for fun.