Voice stacking infelicity

This does not look good to me:

If I move the voice column index of the lower voice to 1, it may be correct in a Gouldian way, but I’d prefer a more dense note stacking, as though this were a single chord.

What say you all?

Here’s the minimal working example attached.

voice stacking example.dorico (852.3 KB)

Well I guess I could flip the beam:


What would your desired result look like?

I mean, your second screen shot is completely unreadable - it looks as if all 4 notes belong to the beam, and there is an additional stem that might be a misprint…

@Estigy I know! I’d like to have the cluster as in shot 2 but beam above as in shot 1. I find shot 1 unreadable because of the collision overlap of the B nat and A nat. It’s an interesting conundrum.

Yeah, it definitely is.
Because I think that your solution would also be a bit unreadable: Do the upper two notes belong to the top beam and the lower two notes to the down step, or is it only the top note and the lower 3 notes?

I share your preference. I think you have to resort to manual positioning (the secondary, round handle). See also this thread.

The problem with using note spacing mode to align the stems and dots of the notes at the start of the measure is that there won’t be four dots for the four different pitches. If you want to align the stems and dots at the start of the measure, a different approach is needed.

Start by flipping the beam so the measure looks like the image in post #2. In engrave mode, select the beam and move it upward above the staff. This produces the desired appearance for the dotted notes but the F# has its stem on the wrong side of the notehead. To fix this, select the F# in write mode and type Shift-I 2m Enter. With the newly created G natural selected, suppress its playback and hide its accidental and notehead:



Another ingenious workaround … which might not be necessary if only we had vertical control of rhythm dots!


If there were awards for Best Workaround-er, @johnkprice would definitely be in the mix


@johnkprice You Sir are a master! Many thanks.

The quality of this forum is superb.

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