Voice stem direction

No matter what direction I choose for the stems when creating a new voice the stems are still distributed up and down in the voice in a piano score. How does one pin them to always have the same direction?


You can’t, at the moment: Dorico will only use the voice’s specific direction when multiple voices are active.

Can you describe the circumstances in which you want to force all stems up or down by default when only a single voice is active? The only kind of music I can think of that does this is Renaissance black/white notation, but there are plenty of other aspects of that kind of notation that Dorico doesn’t handle at the moment in any case…

There have been several discussions over at Notatio of deliberate nonstandard stem directions in 19th century piano music. Mostly speculation on composers’ intentions, and comparison of different editions. It does seem useful for showing a coherent line crossing staves, or covering a large range.

Here is an example of when I want all stems up, very tall stems since there has to be room for a variety of playing techniques mixed. It could be placed on a regular staff, but preferably on something else, I’m not sure what would be possible pecussionwise.