Voice tracks are out of sync when moving a folder

I have instrument and vocal tracks in a folder. When I move folder from bar #1 to bar #N, the vocal track also moves with the instrument track incorrectly in time. The vocal track is out of sync to the instrument tracks. What can be the cause of this ?
Thanks in advance !!


Could you attach a screenshots before and after, please? Is the shift visible?

Hi Martin,
Here is the screen shot when instrument and vocal_part2 folders are at time tick 0 when all are in sync.

Below is the screen shot when I move vocal folder inside instrument folder, then move the instrument folder to bar N. Now the vocal is out of sync, coming late. You can’t see it, but I can hear it. Sorry for the late reply. I have so much to catch up on Dorico and Cubase pro.

Hello Martin,
I think the problem was snapping was set to time base rather than bars/beats.
After switching to bars/beats, it “seems” to work.

Well, turning on Bar/Beats on the display didn’t solve the out of sync problem.
Then I move the folder, the vocal tracks still get out of sync to instrument tracks.
Does Anyone have any ideas why it does that ?