Voices again...

After importing piano sketches via MusicXML I’ve got some multiple voices in one instrument. Is there a simple way of selecting all voices of this instruments and set all of them to voice 1?

Is there a function that changes the length of the selected note to full length until the next note appears? In other programs it’s called something like “force legato”, i.e. having a quarter note on beat one and another on beat 4: selecting the ‘one’ and using that function it will lengthen the note into a dotted half note. It is stretched over all rests till the following note. If it’s a whole note and another voice starts on ‘four’ it will shorten the length to a dotted half note too.

  1. Select all notes, right click, Voices—Change Voice—Upstem Voice 1.

  2. Not automatically. I’d love to see a “minimize rests” function in the future!

Ah, great! Thanks again, as always! :slight_smile: