Voices and their colours

I’ve got a strange problem. I wonder if anyone can explain it.

My file was imported as an XML file from Sibelius.

It is a piece for wind instruments in full score and I don’t want any different voices. All instruments should be the same voice.

However, when I paste sections from one instrumental line to another, I am getting different voices created where I don’t want them.

So I have gone to View…Notes and rest colours… Show voice colours. I then see different colours.

Then I have selected ‘All’ and gone to Edit…Voices…Change voice…Default stems up.

The computer thinks for a while. When it has finished, I choose ‘Deselect all’. And I still have different colours, indicating, it appears, different voices, when I’ve asked for them all to be the same.

What’s going on?

Voice colours relate to the order in which voices were created; there’s nothing more to it than that. In the case of importer MusicXML it’s anyone’s guess as to the order in which the voices on a staff have been created, but it won’t necessarily be Upstem Voice 1, Downstem Voice 1, Upstem Voice 2, Downstem Voice 2 etc.

When you close and reopen the project, Dorico will automatically strip out any unused voices and will reassign colours automatically. If you really have moved everything to upstem voice 1 (or downstem voice 1), you should find (on reopening) that all single-staff instruments are now using blue. Grand staff instruments typically use red for the lower staff. Instruments with more than two staves, well, er, I guess you’ll find out.

Thanks pianoleo. That’s the behaviour the manual seems to describe, but it’s not what I’m finding. When I close and reopen the project, after attempting to move everything into voice 1, some notes are still red.

But the actual problem is that I have two parts, A and B, that are both blue. When I copy part A into part B, I get both parts in B, the old and the new. The old stays blue and the new one becomes red. This is the behaviour I want to turn off. I want it to return to the normal Mac default for copying and pasting, that the material is simply replaced, not added to. This seems to be a very strange decision by the Dorico writers to make this a default behaviour.

This is difficult to diagnose without seeing the project. It could be that you have chord mode switched on (it’s the triad icon in the left panel), or it could be that you’re confusing Upstem Voice 1 and Downstem Voice 1 (which are two entirely separate voices), or it could be something different entirely.