Voices (and what else?) in colors

Please look at this PDF of a short score made with another program showing two voices in colors:


Unlike Dorico 5.1.32, this score has everything pertaining to each voice in that voice’s color: stems, beams, flags, accidentals, articulations, ornaments, ties and slurs. All of these are in black in Dorico, and the effect is acually jarring compared to the smoother and more professional appearance of the PDF.

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Compare with Dorico colors:


(Sorry about different layout and typos, but the different treatment of colors is interesting.)

Both of the links you have posted require a Google account to sign in. For those of us who do not have a Google account, is there a way of removing the sign-in requirement?

Sorry! My mistake. Both links are fixed now — no Google account needed.


Good. Thanks. They work now.

One advantage of this would be in teaching, if people can “see” an entire voice easily.