voices converging

In measures 93 and 94, the voices ‘converge’, but not in 95, on the whole note. How can I tweak that behavior?

I don’t think there’s is a preference or notation setting. Delete one of them or scale one of them to 0%.

Putting them next to each other is pretty standard as there are no stems to indicate convergence (although the absence of a rest does this too).

I think that Dorico is correct about this exemple !

The only way to make the whole note looking as two voices is to place them beside each other…
…ofcourse whole note have no stem to help understanding !

Go to Engrave Mode, select the second whole note, open Properties Panel at the bottom, switch on “Voice Column Index” and set it to “0”. Both whole notes are now on the same position.


I was looking for that. I keep forgetting that Write and Engrave show different properties.


I agree with Alain that Dorico shows this correctly, otherwise, without stems, it looks like one voice has dropped. Using the voice index as Thomas says can achieve the results you’re looking for. Daniel refers to this “note on note” or “rest on rest” as a kind of “glomping”. Love that unofficial term!