Voices mixed up

I’m struggling with voices at the moment, the attached file shows that I have a voice that is only showing rests (blue) which shouldn’t be there, but I cannot find anyway to delete it. It’s gone wrong, because the top notes should be blue (not green), the second part green (not purple), but I cannot find anyway to change this, or to even discover which voice number each colour is.
Is this a case of having to scrap the lot and start again ?

It would be good if the properties panel showed the voice number of the selected note, and be able to change it there.
Mixed voices.jpg

The blue (turquoise) notes are normally the default first voice in my files. I agree that double-clicking a note should somehow tell you (with its stem direction) which voice it is.

(Incidentally, when I go to the bottom staff of a great stave, I usually start over with voice 1 there unless I have voices set to different instrument playback.)

You can’t easily change the voice of existing notes; this is something we hoped to get into this first update but unfortunately we haven’t yet managed to do it. I’m hopeful it will be included in the next update.

In the meantime, it doesn’t matter: all you need to do is find the last note in the light blue voice, wherever it might be, and set the ‘Ends voice’ property in the Properties panel, and that should take care of the spurious bar rests.