Voices Must Be Messed Up

Dorico 4.3.20 on Windows 11.

The staff shown below is intended for two flutes. In first and third bars the parts are written together with the stems in the same direction and selecting one of the parts and using the Flip command will flip the stems for all the notes. In the second bar, the triplet shows two voices with stems in different directions, but the other notes connected. This will confuse the players.

I know what happened: when I imported the MIDI, it came in as one voice. I had to fix one triplet that imported as grace notes and when I did, I told Dorico it was Voice 1 Stem Down.

Question: Can I easily select all the lower notes and tell Dorico they should be a different voice?

I am going to have the same problem with horns, clarinets, and some measures of trombone that are not a due.

Yes, there is a filter option for selecting only the bottom note or single notes. Then with those selected, you can assign them all to a spacific voice.

A later version (4.3.30) is available: I’d recommend updating to get the benefit of fixes and additions!

Lilie, Thank you! I will upgrade tonight. I assume that won’t mess up any settings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dan, Thank you, but clarification please. If I CTRL-Click to select the lower notes, how do I tell Dorico they belong to the second player? (Or top notes in some cases.)

(I’m not extremely clear why there’s a voice 1 up stem and voice 1 down stem instead of just V1 and V2, but I just need to do whatever is required to change the stems correctly and indicate that these parts are for different players.)

I appreciate the kind help.

Select the notes. Right-click>Voices>change voice>upstem voice 1 (or whichever voice you need)

Select those entire bars. Then right click, filter—select notes in chords, bottom note. Should work.

Although the conductor might wonder about you when seeing notation like this, the flute players should each have his or her individual part and never see this at all.

(In my own case, I would immediately split the combined staff into separate parts and use condensing for the conductor score, YMMV.)

Thank you all. I think I’m good now.

Excellent point about players v conductors. I won’t mention any names, but some conductors look for any reason to throw scores in the trash. :sunglasses: