Voices Of Prague in Dorico?

I’ve just come across this sound library and wondered if this was possibe to do in Dorico, as in Notion?



Basically yes, it is possible to use that library in Dorico. As VST instrument you need to have UVIWorkstation installed which is a VST2 instrument, therefore you need to whitelist it first, before it is available in Dorico. I had the demo version of Bohemian Violins installed, so I know it works. Should you get in trouble, I can assist you.

It’s hard to imagine that you’ve saved any support time but not recognizing VST2 right out of the box. Why make it so hard for people to use that they already own?

It’s a strategic decision. We are frustrated that so many plug-in vendors don’t upgrade to VST3. We would have abandoned VST2 already long time ago, but since people still want to use their “good old” VST2s, it’s hard get pressure out to the market.

If that’s what people want, why make it difficult for them. Why punish your users if it’s NI, VSL and UVI that aren’t on board.?

I read „strategic” as „company policy” - it is Steinberg who invented VST, so they would like to make everybody use the best version - 3.0 - so that they can develop more features instead of supporting two engines at once.

VST 3 has now been out for nearly 10 years, and VST 2.x has been deprecated for the last 4. Continuing to support an ageing format is a huge maintenance burden. I believe that VSL, for example, has been VST 3 for a while now.