Voices out of phase

I mistakenly recorded a video with both the computer speaker and an external speaker active. I now have a sound track with two “phases.” One track is a few seconds ahead of the other. The recording is mono. Any ideas on fixing this?


Post a 10 second sample here.

Here it is. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



Okay so, since the main voice is dominate you can use the “unmixing levels”(Absolute Power) module to tackle this issue. Set the threshold to about -34.0 db and apply. You can fine-tune it by casting and carving out the main dominate frequency layer out of the other layer and duplicate that layer and flip the phase and merge the two back together.

I initially tried to post my example here to demonstrate what I was able to do with your 10 second clip but this forum (and the administrators/moderators) makes it impossible to help people. My edit was over the forum’s limit and although I could go back to reduce file size I decided it was not worth the frustration. I honestly believe that these admins/moderators has so many agendas that they don’t realize how much it hurts themselves in the process, and I’m not going to break my neck in order to follow stupid rules. I really believe that these moderators/admins purposefully set these rules in place in order to SUBTLELY discourage people from using the forums and genuinely helping people (kind-of like the idea of “quite quiting” culture). It’s sad to say but it seems like everybody is heading towards this “quite quiting” culture and at the same time expecting a big fat reward

You could upload your edit on WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com) if it’s too big and post the upload link here. It would be intersting to hear your result.


Nahhh! I’m not going to do that anymore and break my neck in the process, the fact that I am frustrated trying to help someone is enough. The administrators/moderators are obviously reading the forums and they’re quick to close a topic and lock it (so they’re obviously reading these forums). The administrators/moderators know exactly what to do and it’s up to them to upend these restrictive policies (because I too also read these forums and read a lot of members speak out against the forum limit).

I feel like I have already HELPED the best way I could and I’m going to leave it as that. Sometimes you have to walk on eggshells and let them deal with their idea of “updates” vs “upgrades” on their own and let them try to figure out why only 2000 people updated to the latest version as-oppossed-to 10,000 people.

On the other hand, forums are not a multi-tb, unlimitedband audio/video workspace, helpful intent or not.

You could always …knowing the attachment limits as you do…float written suggestions as you did (no audio) and/or offer to do the fix for a fee or otherwise…via direct private contact…or…not.

No need to take it so personally.