Voices Playing in the Wrong Octave

I created a piece in a program called Staff Pad, exported it as a musicxml file, imported that into Dorico, and then proceeded to edit it. The piece is for TTBB and the playback is correct as far as the tenors sounding an octave lower than written. When I change the clefs to normal treble clefs for soprano and alto, and octave transposition treble clef for tenor, the playback still sounds like the original clefs. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’ve attached a picture of the beginning of the piece so you can see that the clefs are correct.

Thanks in advance.

BW, this has come up before quite a bit. I’d recommend a forum search for “+clef +transposition +playback” or some iteration of that.

Do a Change Instrument in Setup mode.

Or use a transposition Expression Map, or transpose the voice in HALion directly.