Voices reassigned by themsleves!

A strange curiosity here …

I’m currently preparing a number of full orchestral scores for a forthcoming recording – Dorico 5 Pro with Noteperformer.

Seemingly overnight, one score is playing back the wrong voices – oboe as flute, violin as horn etc. I can reassign the voices in Setup mode – tedious. All other scores are playing properly, as did this one last time I opened it a couple of days ago. All player and voice names are showing correctly – just the voices reassigned.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Maybe a clue as to what’s happened/how to fix it without going through every instrument?!

We would need to see a sample Dorico file, not a lot of measures, just enough to demonstrate the situation.

A quicker way to reroute sounds is to reapply the appropriate playback template from the Play menu.

Thank you, Lillie (and Derrek).

I’ve not previously had cause to explore the Play menu. This restored all the correct sounds.

I also noticed that when this file change occurred, all the barlines disappeared from the piano staves, and a small odd-shaped bracket appeared at the start of the page at various places throughout the score (see attached). Deleting this character restored the missing barlines. I don’t like to jump to conclusions, but it’s entirely possible that this graphic issue arose at the same time as the change of sound assignments.

As no other scores were changed, I can only assume that this was some sort of corruption affecting only this file.

The only other thing to note is that I wrote this piece in Finale back in 2008, which was imported to Dorico via xml. That said, it’s been behaving correectly for several months, and these issues appeared overnight without warning!

Make sure View > Signposts > Hide Signposts is not activated, and then check for the presence of a signpost for a bracket and barline change. If you find one (which I expect you will, maybe more than one), select it and delete it.

Hi Daniel,

This is strange as this file has looked and played correctly for months. Yes, I checked the signposts when I originally imported the xml.

To summarise, when I opened the file a couple of days ago:

  1. Instruments were not playing correctly, BUT they showed correctly throughout the Setup menu.

  2. The Playback template was correctly showing as Noteperformer.

  3. There were a few instances of that weird graphic and the missing barlines throughout the piano parts.

Following Lillie’s suggestion, I re-applied the Noteperformer template – this fixed the sounds. I went through and deleted those graphic instances – all barlines reappeared.

What puzzles me is why this happened. There will be a reason, but it may never be known! I suspect that something corrupted the file during shutdown at some stage. However, I thought it worth reporting the details in case it helped anyone.