Voices sharing notes ? How to fix ?

I’ve working on a piece for Organ, that has lots of writing with 2 voices per staff. There are eight notes that share a quarter note in another voice, and I’d like for them to share the same note-head. Under notation options - voices : there are a few setting, but none of them seem to let the eights and quarters in different voices share the same note. As far as I know in engraving traditions, these filled-in note-heads should share a common head. That option seems to be missing altogether from the settings. The settings show only half and eight notes sharing heads. While that was useful in Beethovens time, that’s not a very common practice in our days afaik.

Is it possible to get Dorico to share these note-heads ?

Many thanks….

In Engrave mode notes have a Voice Column Index property. If you set the Voice Column Index to 0 for both notes, they should overlap accordingly.

Dorico automatically allows eighths and quarters to share the same notehead, unless it will produce an ambiguous result. Attach an example (project, not picture) that shows the problem you’re having.

Though you shouldn’t need to, you can also override this using the ‘Voice column index’ property.

Daniel, I’ve tried to send you the Dorico file via pm, but I get error, invalid file extension .

Zip it first.

No workie, unfortunatie :smiley:

Maybe the project is too big to attach. Try setting the playback template to “silent”, or if that doesn’t work delete everything except a few bars that show the problem.

All else fails, try a screenshot of the part of the score that isn’t giving you what you want.

It’s a small project. The notes in the second voice seemed to have a “1” in the voice column index ? I’ll see if I can send it later on.

Yes that did it. Even with lots of shared notes it’s quick to change as you can select lots of them and change the index for many at once ! Thanks