Voicing Copy and paste Consistency?


My understanding with the VOICING coloring is
Blue = 1st Voice,
Green = 2nd Voice… ect

So why is it that when I copy and paste a top note BLUE and second voice GREEN from one stave into another instrument to continue using this color scheme, the default for the second voice immediately turns to red?
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.50.27 AM.png
I find I have to spend a lot of time reformatting the voice color each bar by going to the pop up bar, VOICES / CHANGE VOICE / Down STEM VOICE 2 to the convert it back to the green color…Which is getting pretty time consuming.

Is there something in the preferences that I may have overlooked?

I have put it off for a long time asking this question, but I am losing time with having to reformat each bar so I thought I would turn to the experts!

Many thanks again!


You don’t need to worry about the voice colours being consistent between different instruments: the voice colours don’t convey any meaning except to show that notes are indeed in different voices. So provided everything is stem up and stem down as you would want it to be, all is well.

If and when Dorico allows users to assign different sounds to different voices (for example in an SA choral staff or assigning a slightly different sound to bring out an interior voice of a keyboard part), will ignoring the colors affect this adversely?

That was what I was wondering, Derrek. I seem to use a lot of voices (mostly by inadvertently creating new ones with the shortcut) and am worried that it will bite me somehow…

Is there a way to combine notes of different voices to one voice?

I guess that sooner or later the team will need to find a way to combine the current “create as many voices as you like, it doesn’t matter” approach and the “let’s improve play mode and assign different sounds to different voices”.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you as ever for your response.

I would like to add a few of my experiences with the color coding aspects of voicing, especially as I am using two instruments per stave for my orchestral scores…, and perhaps you can see why I feel I need to diligent with the color spectrum and what voice they relate to:

Here is my scenario:

If I leave my voice 1 in Red, when is should usually be BLUE
Red voice.png

and then go and copy the material into the second down stem voice (which should usually be green) (I LOVE this feature BTW!!)
Pasting lower voice.png
This is the only issue I find if I do leave the colors to go unchecked from their usual hierarchy…
So you can see, I feel it is best that I go back and make sure that my first voice it is BLUE to start with so to avoid this… and this takes me back to my original post which is why is it at times that when I copy a BLUE voice into another instrument, it automatically goes RED…which then I have to convert back to the blue voices via the menu pop over…

Just wanted to expand on my experiences as I am using this feature extensively in all my orchestral works right now…

Special thanks as alway!


I had some trouble converting music from Dorico to XML and into another program. The voices kinda went bonkers. I’d also like if the colors were consistent. Somehow it makes me feel better about the world!