Of all things, a “file locations” note. All are attuned to “C:\users\username” etc. With so many SSD, why are we living in the dark ages? Files go in a host of places, and the “user” is doomed to a life of frustration in attempting to consolidate all of them in a more convenient and useful, central location.

What a flaming disaster. It sounds as if we have to go through the ordeal of re installation once again, and hope the SSD has enough storage capacity. Come on engineers, give us a bit of modernity, because this surely sucks. Not all “users” have their machines set up in such a way that Steinberg files fall neatly into place.

What a waste of time, energy and money.

What a bunch of mess to read. What are you talking about? It doesn’t make any sense what you just wrote above.

Erm, yes. What exactly are you talking about ?