Voltage Controlled Filter In Cubase

Hi All,
Is there anything in C Pro 9.5 that will act as a voltage controlled filter? I’m looking for an effect like the old Mutron pedal had.
Kind of an auto “wah” where the range is controlled by the volume of the signal and a limiter as to how far you want it to open.
I already have a bass track recorded and looking to run it through a VST type effect to achieve this. If Cubase doesn’t have such an effect, are there any suggestions as to where I can find a VST that will accomplish this?


This is good sounding filter

Thanks for the hit Jari. This looks a lot like one of the filters in Cubase. My question now is will it operate on a voltage controlled basis? Can I get it to respond to audio volume changes? I could only see manual sweeps and tempo sync on this one. I couldn’t figure how to do otherwise with the filter in Cubase either.
If someone knows how, that may save me 149.00 for this unit if it indeed does what I need.

Have you tried quick controls or automation?
The VST synthesizer called Retrologue 2 includes sidechain input, with which you can send an audio signal from any source within Cubase and process it via the Synthesizer’s features, including filters, modulation, distortion, envelopes, amplifier, an arpeggiator and also the effects module.

If this doesn’t answer your question, maybe you could provide some details in order to make a better suggestion:

  1. What parameter on which plugin or effect are you looking to control?
  2. Which is the origin of your control signal? Is it generated within a track? and if so, is it the same or another track?
    Otherwise, do you want to use a MIDI controller to create the control signal?


Thanks for chiming in hesca116.
If I’m understanding your explanation correctly, this may work with the Retrologue 2.

The sound source I am trying to process is an audio track of a recorded bass guitar. I think I am looking to control the resonance parameter.
With the cutoff at about half setting, I can get the “wah” effect I’m looking for by manually rotating the resonance. I experimented with an internal sound source in the Retrologue 2. From what you mentioned, I can use the recorded bass sound source by accessing the sidechain input and have it altered the same way?

The second part of the equation is getting the effect to be controlled not manually but by the sound source and varied by volume intensity of the recorded bass.
Am I on the right track?

I have never sidechained before. Where would I access that on the Retrologue?

Check the trigger in filterfreak for “autowah” style effect

Thanks for the tutorial Jari. I’m wondering if he sidechained his bass source into the FF to enable that functionality. If so, I could probably do the same thing with the Retrologue 2 synth that’s already in Cubase. If not, the FF is a good option.

Hi Suprawill1,

if it is just for the auto wah, play your bass file through VST Bass Amp, included in Cubase. Choose Envelope Filter as pre or post effect. This will create an auto wah with lots of parameters to tweak, if you like. You can also set ‘No Amp’, if you’re looking just for the effect and don’t need amp and cabinet.


That may seem even more practical and less involved. Next time I open Cubase, I’ll def check that out.
Thanks andreasm!

  1. Yes, you can use the recorded bass sound source by accessing the sidechain input and have it altered the same way
  2. Yes, you are on the right track

To send a signal to Retrologue 2:

Thanks for the tutorial hesca116!
Next time I have CB open, I’ll follow those directions. Unfortunately, I only had audio to work with because the video kept freezing on me.

From what I’ve experimented with in the past, the only automation of the “wah” sound it will offer me is tempo sync. Manually controlling it was the only other method. Unless I am missing something, I couldn’t get it to follow the pulse of the bass line exclusively. I was trying to get the “wah” sound to open with every note played on the bass. I might need an exclusive effects pedal to do this. (ie the old Mutron pedal)

Ok, I could get the Retrologue to pulse with the bass but I could barely get it to “wah” with the filter settings. I could move the frequency up or down in the “wah” range but the range of the “wah” it self is very small.

Hey, this is very good thread!
I read and slightly draw a fantasy about a “real” VCF plugin in Cubase that takes any source (Audio by its volume level, maybe channel difference of smth. / MIDI by key follow or any other CC or combination, logical and/or/xor) and creates automation lane for target track and target CC, including threshold and other parameters to manipulate result.
That would be really great, right?

It’s like we need a Feature Request here :slight_smile:

P.S. In a context of sidechaining and Retrologue2 you can work only with incoming sound as a sound source, but not use it as a variable parameter to impress another source of sound.

You mean like a trigger? I believe there are threads explaining how to do that too.

No, no! As a trigger Retrologue2 works very well. It triggers incoming sound. But in a case of VCF (or VCA too) the same should be vice versa - incoming sound should be used as automation value for plugin’s parameters. Something like that (excuse me, my bad English :slight_smile: )

Actually, I meant the opposite. Using outside audio sound ‘as the trigger’ to actuate the internal synth sounds the same way a midi note would.
It sounds though that you want to take it a step further and use the same audio as a cc source to control the internal parameters of the synth.

Nothing wrong with your English. :slight_smile:

I meant the same. That’s the meaning of VCF.

Ok, I see now.

Brilliant! Just what I was looking for, works perfectly. Thanks, Andreas :smiley: