Volume and location control missing in Import Audio

So import audio is nearly unusable now.

The strange thing is that it’s gone and not even one betatester did not notice?? I am sure something must have changed at the last minute…

This is a serious bug.


Sorry, just for my info, why you don’t use MediaBay to import an Audio files?

Hi Martin. I like to copy paste hard disk locations to file name area. For example, let’s say I’m in a file explorer in windows, I copy the location, and paste it into the file name area on Cubase Import Audio window. When I press return, it goes to that folder. This is a standard Windows feature. Also somehow personally, I never liked MediaBay, and everyone that I know that’s using Cubase never use it. Maybe people just want to explore their files in the way of their operating system. Besides that, I’m using a utility called Direct Folders, which gives easy access to favorite folders, and it works in the import audio window.

And sorry to ask but, do you want to push people into using MediaBay? When I report a serious backwards move that makes a feature really unusable, and you ask “why don’t you use this instead”, that’s like forcefully imposing something on the user. That’s kind of the wrong move that makes people have to shut down their computers for forceful OS updates, in the middle of serious work.

By the way, the import audio window (also all the other file windows) on Cubase is already a crippled version of the default Windows file tool. Because normally on the left side, you get to see recent folders, quick access links etc.

If you want, I can take snapshots and send them to you. You can compare a full Windows file window vs the limited Cubase version.

…and if you want to push people into using MediaBay, please do not disappoint them. Please just omit that import audio feature completely. Then, people will either use MediaBay, or use an explorer and drag and drop, rather than trying to struggle with a mess.

I don’t want to repeat a lot of people here, but everyday I’m hearing more of “if that xxx DAW gets better, it’ll be the end of Cubase for me”. I am a loyal user, I criticize harshly only because of my love for Cubase for 20+ years.


I don’t want to push anybody. I cannot change it. I was just interested myself.

I am sorry. I know that. Just trying to make some impact on people who are making these decisions.

Also I want to add:

While MediaBay is an organized way of browsing samples etc, sometimes (and most of the time) people want to go with simple. You know, it’s a lot of things to suddenly see in front of you.

Maybe you could transform the import window to a simpler version of MediaBay, that behaves like the old one, but has some useful, simple stuff added. (Obviously volume and transport controls.)

Martin, I am kindly asking what’s your engagement with Steinberg? I am seeing you here in the forum as an active “kind-of-officially-acting” user, but I can’t really see that you are employed by Steinberg. So it is hard for me to understand your position. Seems like you are sometimes taking things to Steinberg but too many times your replies are not really supportive, I have to say from my feeling. Beg my pardon and I appreciate if you are trying to support users and funnel their feedback, but the Cubase user base requires an official channel to Steinberg to address the (way too many) smaller and serious bugs and glitches. Nobody likes to spend much time in trying to get attention to the quite obvious.

Best regards

Exactly same thoughts here.


Bring the feature back !!

…and like a joke, when you press stop, audio won’t stop, it starts from the beginning.

As if somebody found that part in the code, and typed something like “sdfjlsdfksjvfkljshjlkfsdhjfd” and we got that mess.

Please some more responsibility…

Hi Martin,
This must be a bug correct? Or did they take away the audition function and volume control and cripple the input audio window on purpose?
There’s been a bunch of threads on this but unless I missed it I haven’t seen an explanation.


In the manual, the Volume control and the whole audio preview is present. So I would consider this as a bug.

Hi Martin - you’ve posted a link in the Manual, to the ‘Import Audio from CD’ dialog box; this is all present and correct in Cubase 10. It is the ‘Import Audio File’ dialog box that folk have been discussing throughout this thread.

Ups, then I mixed it up with different thread, sorry.

Unfortunately I haven’t found the Import Audio dialog in the manual.

Will this be fixed?

And by the way: I used Mediabay recently (tried to) to browse to some WAV files in my sample repository and it did not show me any files anywhere.
No, I do not know if I filtered (I guess I did not) so I ended up to use the side panel and choose file system (same did I with Media Bay) to find and listen to my audio files.
I have no clue why stupid MediaBay did not show any files, but I also did not want to have to…
Audio Import was nice and handy (should still be)…

Me too !!! Same problem in Mac and Mojave! Hope correct ! This si a bug !!!

Issue with Import Audio:

  1. Project (any)
  2. File > Import Audio File
  3. Directory appears
  4. Click Play


  1. Playback does not stop when Stop is pressed.
  2. No Volume Slider
  3. Previously used Directory (Folder) not remembered

Selecting Cancel closes the file directory dialogue and stops playback.

No problems importing audio files to tracks, but auditioning audio files is not efficient or comfortable. Auditioning a whole list of samples via Import Audio is nearly impossible since Cancel must be clicked to stop each sample/file playback.

Media Bay does not allow drag and drop to 3rd Party Plug-ins, so to import User Audio to those, one must use the standard windows file directory selection. I’d rather use Media Bay but it doesn’t allow easy drag and drop with sufficient flexibility to make it a first choice for importing audio files.

With OSX 10.14.2 and the latest Cubase 10.0.10 in the audio import window there are no options available to play or preview sound. The options are simply not visible. Hope it gets solved.

I hope it’s okay if I jump in here. If not please let me know.

I am using High Seirra, no sound in media bay when I’m using the preview function for audio files.
I can drag and drop to the project and then I can get sound.

Any ideas how to fix this?