Volume automation drums

Dear Doriconians,

Is it possible to use the midi controller to draw a volumelevel for the separate parts of the drums? I would like to bring only the ride cymbal up in volume. It works on the snaredrum(controller CC7) but on the ride it does nothing. Is it just not possible, no big problem because I can twaek overall level in Halion, but it would be nice to draw a level.

Another question. If there is no data in the midi controller lane, what is in that case the default volume level?

Greetings from rainy Amsterdam,

You can’t set the volume separately because by default in a MIDI drum kit, all the sounds are on the same channel and CC7 is a channel volume message, so if you change the value then it will apply to everything. I don’t know how it could be working just on the snare, unless you have that routed to another channel (which is possible in Dorico).

Ok, I see. I used the snare and ride cymbal not simultaneously, that makes it clear. I will check the routing if that will do the trick when necessary. Thanks for the quick answer.