Volume Automation follows Volume Fader

When you want to raise/lower the overall volume of a track with volume automation, you would either have to create a separate VCA track control that track as a puppet or you’d have to select all the automation on the track and raise/lower it.

With non-automated tracks, I can select all the tracks, hold cntrl+alt and move the volumes together simulatenously. It’s that easy to adjust multiple track levels at once. However, if one of my selected tracks has volume automation, all the tracks except that one will change, leaving the volume on that track all out of proportion. The only way around this is to create a VCA track, which is much more inconvenient, especially because I can only do that from the mixer window.

Here’s my request: I would like the volume fader to control the overall automation level. The fader would show your automation value at the current time, but if you drag down the fader by 3db, I would like all points in the automation track to be lowered by 3db. If you raise the volume fader 2db, all the automation points will raise by 2db.

Simple enough?

If you activate Trim mode that is how automation works. Fader will be centered, and any movement registrered separately and visible as another curve.

Cubase also has nice ghost curves on what you did as relative movement, and you can finalize with freeze trim automation to main automation at any time. There are settings in Automation panel if to do this automatically right after a session is done, or manually at your command.

So it’s not all necessary with VCA stuff - but that works too.