volume automation loses audio

Lately when I have written volume automation to an audio channel, the audio often disappears.

Is this a known issue? Is there a preference that i need to change?

I’m on Windows 10.


How do you write the automation? Via any HW controller, or via mouse, or draw it? On which kind of track/channel (Audio/Group/FX/VCA…)? Is there any way, how to get the sound back?

I write the automation with my mouse. It’s on instrument and group channels.
if I quit Nuendo and come back it’s working.

How long does it take, before you loose the signal?

Is it out completely once it happens or does it glitch?

No it is out completely. It happens the moment I draw automation and doesn’t seem connected to the parameters such as where in the tune or how loud, etc.

Can you see the signal on meters? What happens when you Mute the Volume automation or switch the Read Off?

Is it alway reproducible on your system?

Yes i can see the signal on the meters.

It continues to not work when I turn off the automation.

It is happening each time. It’is not on the MIDI channels but on the audio.

When I re open the song this behavior continues.

When i close and re open Nuendo the track is working again and if i draw in more automation at that point it continues to work.


I’ve had instances where it seems that events have been ‘moved’ and there was a disconnect between actual position and visual representation. I don’t know how else to describe it.

But anyway, can you try copy-pasting the events that stop working to a different point on the timeline and see if they then play back? It’s not really intuitive and it doesn’t make sense, but it’s similar to an error I had in a previous Nuendo version.