Volume automation on group channels?

It appears that it is not available. “Volume” is in the “more” section of choices for automation track type but selecting does nothing. There is a pre-gain but since the top range is 48, it is much too coarse. Is there a way and, if not, is there a reason for that?

Look at the group channel in the Project window. Volume is there by default (see the track header) and the volume automation curve is already there in event display. AFAIK there is no issue here.

When I create a group channel, the first automation pane is mute. If I put point in there it acts like a mute. There is no volume as I described above. You must be looking at that button that’s by the R, W, and other stuff that you see with no automation panes. I have one there that says volume but whatever that is, it isn’t automation.

So activate the W and move the fader, then it should be there.

If you mean the first automation subtrack when you click on the pop-up downward pointing arrow on the left of the track header… yes this gives you a subtrack for mute, but the volume automation is already shown on the group track without clicking on that arrow. This differs from standard audio tracks. Look in the project event display and you’ll see an automation line on the track itself. All this is normal (please read the manual for more information).

Ok. I understand. I think I might have even done this before. Yikes!