Volume Automation Quetions

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me with the following volume automation questions. I am using Cubase Studio 4:

-How to unfold/show all volume automation lanes?
-What modifier key can I use to easily draw a straight horizontal line with the Line tool?
-How to copy an automation part to the nearest beat/bar of the playhead position, onto the current selected track?
-How to move an automation part left or right without the risque of accidentally moving it up and down (ie, editing its volume)?
-Select and edit 2 or more automation lanes at once (eg, if I want to edit the automation of a double track)?

Many thanks,

Most of what you want to do can be done with the info line.

Oh and question 1, right click in inspector/track, select show all automation. (obviously it’ll show all automation, not just volume)

Thanks… what do you mean by the “info line”?

It’s in the manual, you will probably have to set Cubase to show the info line.

Thanks Split… I took a look at the info line but can’t quite see how I can make my desired automation editions, with it. Do you mean that I can make the editions numerically using this method, by entering the desired values for volume etc? If so, this is not what I’m looking for.

Eg- how can I do the following via the info line?!:
-Select and edit 2 or more automation lanes at once (eg, if I want to edit the automation of a double track)?

many thanks,

Ok… I think I have found answers to the following questions:

Show/hide automation: Right click on Track (thanks for the tip…)
Move automation horizontally: Cmd+move left/right
Copy automation to selected track: Place playhead>Select track>paste

But I am yet to find out how to…

Draw straight horizontal line (without having to get the line straight manually):
Edit 2 automation events on 2 separate tracks, at once:

For the horizontal line: create two automation points at either end of where you want the straight line to be, select one of the point, type it’s “value” into the info line; repeat with the other point, and the line will be straight. Unless there are points of differing values inbetween, and those you can just delete if you want.