Volume change for timpani roll

Is it possible to add volume changes via CC11 control in play mode editor to a Timpani roll? In the manual says: “This only applies to instruments that can change their dynamic while notes are sounding, such as violin or flute.”, but I don’t know if timpani roll is not included or I am doing something wrong.

Depending on which playback device you’re using, you might find that using CC7 (channel volume) rather than CC11 (expression) will work better. Dorico doesn’t currently play hairpins over unmeasured tremolos, but this is of course something we’ll address in future.

Thank you Daniel. I’m using the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, nothing more installed than Dorico :slight_smile:
I have tried both CC7 and CC11 and I don’t know why I can’t get the gradual dynamic change on the unmeasured tremolo… When you say “Dorico doesn’t currently play hairpins over unmeasured tremolos”, I suppose that you mean automatically, don’t you? I should be able to get a gradual dynamic using CC7 control, then…

Yes, automatically it does not yet do it. I can’t remember whether the timpani in HSO might actually respond to CC1 (modulation); you could give that a try.

Thank you Daniel. I have tried again CC7 and it worked, but there must be some problem that in some circumstances blocks its correct behaviour. I enclose an example project that the cresc. is played correctly the first time, and incorrectly the second (even if you remove the grace notes):
Untitled Project 3.zip (428 KB)

The problem with this approach is that you then have to manage CC7 thereafter, so make sure you set an appropriate ongoing value at the end of the crescendo.

Aha! Ok, I enclose the solution in case it helps somebody:
Untitled Project 5.zip (428 KB)
Thank you, Daniel!