Volume curve visible on track but can't find elsewhere

I used the modulation wheel on an M-Audio Keystation to vary the volume during recording to an instrument track (Spitfire BBC). The volume curve is visible in the track display (see screen grab), but I can’t find the information elsewhere for editing. How do I access it? I’m using Cubase Pro 12.
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If you hover where indicated a control will appear that lets you open the Automation Lanes.


Or right click the track list and select show used automation, or open the automation panel (F6) and select show automation there…


This is the visualisation of the MIDI CC data in the MIDI Part.

Double-click the MIDI Part to open the Key Editor. In the Controller lane select the MIDI CC (most probably MIDI CC1: Modulation; you will see a diamond symbol infringe of the name; what means the given MIDI CC Nr. had been used). Then you can see the MIDI CC values and you can edit them.

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Good catch.

Many thanks to all of you for your invaluable help.